Grayons or Greys/Grays...

In an effort to stem the misinformation and incorrect information about the Grayons, I will be publishing more information here soon.To begin with, The "Grayons" as I prefer to call them comprise of dozens of species of aliens that share a common trait. That generally being:
  • Gray to blueish skin
  • Large eyes

Whilst there are humanoid aliens such as the Hotentots, Grogi, Neerjap to name a few. These species share humanoid characters. The Grayons tend to share a similar characters as well. I am told reliably by my alien friends that a large portion of the known universe comprises of these and other races with distinct character traits.Grayons are often associated with so called abductions and are generally getting the rough end of the pineapple in the press about these.

Recently I met with some "Grayon hybrids" along with Grayons of varying racial make up. They were here on a fact finding mission and asked me for some assistance. The main spokeswoman, Jaro, had quite a ethnic history. Without going into the entire family lineage, she was almost human in appearance. Her Grayon heritage had been somewhat diluted to the point where somewhere up the line a short love affair with a Grogi and a part Grayon produced a female offspring (Jaro).

Thus to say that Grayons have wiped out entire cultures and planets can be seen to be an ineffective statement. Many of the Grayons have been at the centre of the universal cultural melting pot. It is my belief that those that claim that Grayons are harvesting humans, cloning them, or even breeding hybrids, completely misunderstand the situation. I myself was one critic of the Grayons. However, the majority of the "Grayon" races are quite willing to live side by side with their neighbours.

The excpetion to the rule of course is the Grayon often depicted in ugly Sci-Fi. The Grayon with the large butt like indentation in their forehead. This seems to be a race on par with the Lessor horned Bluerons.

Left: The rather fashon concious Blueron, cæruleus cimex-mæna, Vicious with style.


Right: The classic Grayon. Butt ugly and self centred.

I hope to bring you a collection of Grayon paintings.

The Grayons or Greys/Grays

canens chalybæus

Initially many of the abductions on earth were thought to due to one species called grays or Grayons. The most prolific are actually a pale blue colour. They live on a cold world, quite distant from their sun. They have been known to terrorise humans for many years now. Looking more like tourists wearing oversize sunglasses, they have the highest record of abductions here on earth.


Seen above is one species of Grayon. Often "Greys" are depicted with overly white skin with massive eyes and a very thin neck. You will see here that the whilst still humanoid in shape the eyes are about twice the size of a humans and appear black to the untrained eye. In fact they have a crimson cast to them. The head is about 10 percent smaller. The ears are about half the size of a human's. Note also the the head is not as angular as popularly perceived. The male of the species (above), is typically 120 cm tall.

Apart from having little regard for un-developed species like humans, they tend to "have their way", they are not highly regarded amongst their peers.

Because of their larger temple with a distinct curvature, they are jokingly referred to as the arseholes of the universe.

Not surprisingly, the Zerians and the Grays hate each other's guts. I believe it was the Zerians that first called them the "universe's living arseholes" and the Grays are still pissed about it 300 earth years later because the taunt really stuck. PS they deserve it.

Gray abductions are falling as we speak. The spiking seen on the grid is abating.

Of course, like many alien races, they have not perfected mind erasing techniques at this time and so many of you will be familiar with their insidious abductions.


Grayon Hybrid

canens hybrido

Part Grayon, part blueron with a very mixed ethnicity created after thousands of years of peaceful relationships with many worlds.

The Grayon Hybrid "Jaro". With only a small part Grayon she is hairless and yet beautiful. Her eyes are tilted more than a humans and are deep blue. Her iris is black. Skin colour is a grey blue with a hint of green in areas. Quite sociable, she easily puts concerns about hybrid Grayons being warlike and untrustworth.


Grayon Hybrid 2

canens argilla

Another Grayon hybrid, with an amazing cross. Whilst there are similarities between this hybrid and the one above they are also distinctly different. This young male hybrid is nearly entirely white, including the lips. The eyes have a green cast to them but not so obvious. The casual observer may find them to be black.

The nose is slightly ridged giving complexity to the nasal structure and is probably a feature of the race not of Grayon origin.

The young boy was a first time crew member and I was fortunate enough to spend some hours with them during their visit to earth.

Above: Jogra

Grayon Hybrid 3

canens studium

An interesting cross in this instance. Once again we see the usual baldness so typical of Grayon hybrids, but also a change in the eye, more like that of a human. Note too the fully developed features except for the ears which are quite miniscule by comparison to most other hybrids.

Porca, Right, was pleased to sit for me after workout in the gym on board the "investigator", a research vessel she was working on when we came into contact.