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New Alien - Unclassified

Seen briefly as I was at an interplanetary conference, this humanoid was observed for just moments before boarding a Pleiadean craft. I was told to forget what I saw. At first I thought this might have been a human hybrid but he was totally hairless. The eyes reminicent of the Pleidons but much more captivating.

More information to come. I hope...



homo candidus

Often described as "Nordic" in appearance, they are only described that way by people that have NEVER MET THEM. If any species deserved to be called "Greys" other than the aliens that have now been labelled as such, this would have to be the race. In reality they are almost white in the true sense of the word. They have piercing blue eyes.

Right: Portrait of Darkar

The Pleiadeans were the first aliens I ever met.

They have an interest in Earth but only a passing interest. They land occassionaly to take a look around. In some cases they make contact that is never sustained over any period. Every now and then they take some plant samples - NOTE not DNA samples as incorrectly described on many other sites.



canenshomo miscere

The Zerian Fog Ship is almost undetectable in Earth's atmosphere. Because it looks just like a cloud it is almost impossible to detect accept on a cloudless day.

It was initially assumed that the Zerian Nation had arrived with malicious intentions. Whilst uncooperative and generally difficult to deal with the Zerians intend to respect Earth.

Left - Zerian alien painted by me after one of my contacts.

Examples of the Zerian fog ship may be found on YouTube. Clouds just seem to appear from nowhere and then disappear again. If you have witnessed this, you may have seen a fog ship.

The Zerians may be an offshoot of the Grayons themselves.



homo brutus

Groguns or Grogi are our best ally.

This painting (right) shows Paktress relaxing after a workout in the spacecraft gym.

I do not of course consider it an abduction to be taken for a spin around our galaxy on a regular basis by these good folk.

I am paving the way for the Grogi to be publicly honoured by the world for their work one day.



homo olea

Quite closely related to the Hotentots. However the green cast to the skin of the Hotentots is overpowering in the Tregle. Another friendly race of people. Very humanoid they are also closely related to humans. They have much the same appearance except for the beautiful coppery eye colours.

A highly civilised race with cultural and scientific acheivement at the forefront of their global desires.

Left: Jub emerging from a stream.



homo petilus

Very similar to humans the Neerjap are a very pale race. They have rather obviously long necks and their eyes in a choice of piercing colours, either red, green or purple, tend to overwhelm the rest of their face. The colour of the lips are on a par with their skin and they also have large ears. They could almost be mistaken for humans.

They are close friends with the Hotentots.

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