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homo sexus

Danger level low, pleasure level High. This race is in fact where we earthlings got the term "hot" or "hottie" from. Whilst technically advanced they prefer to focus on physical activities. I don't know or care how they develped space travel technology but I am pleased they did.

One of the true joys of being abducted.

Unfortunately they returned me to Earth after taking sexual advantage of me for only one month. It was the best abduction I have ever had and hope for another one soon.

The hotentos look humanoid but their hair is almost the same colour as their skin which is more a pale olive colour. The hotentots are also very tall. The thing that gives them away on earth apart from the skin, is their eyes that generally solid blue. Their iris has a blue protective coating so it appears almost as if they have no iris.


Ridge Head.

homo ægrotus

An alien race fraught with birth defects giving them a very sour disposition. Not outwardly violent, a culture to be avoided as they delight in experimenting on other races to find cures for their own.

Unremarkable people except for one thing, male and females look almost identical. The only thing that changes is genitalia you might say. Unbelievably they can complain to each other about their health all day.

They can be easily identified by the pained expressions on their faces. The colour is fairly even over the entire ridgehead and the ridges on the temple of the slightly enlarged head contains two boney, horn like protuberances that run nearly to the top of the skull.


The Pleidons

homo bucca

Very closely related to the Pleiadean species, these aliens have taken a deep interest in earth. Very rarely landing, they prefer to watch from their base on the moon. They have a policy of non intervention (much like Star Fleet) and so, are happy to observe the Zerians, Grayons and such go back and forth.

To the right this portrait of the aptly named "Sarkar" was started whilst she sat at the end of my bed. I believe I've captured her exhaustion well.

These wonderful aliens occasionally collect DNA. Thankfully they have a receptacle at the back of their throat that allows a win win circumstance every time.

Very pale they might pass on earth as tragic Gothics but the eyes would give them away.



homo sophus

The Morope are a friendly wise people who make some of the universe's best judges and negotiators.

The average age of the Morope people is about 200 years old and because of this they all have an abundance of wisdom.

Morope sit on many inter gallactic councils and tribunals to settle disputes (generally over technology).

The Lessor Horned Blueron.

cæruleus cimex-mæna

A race not to be fucked with, these horned aliens have a nasty temperament.

Known to have a flamboyant disregard for Comparative Intergalactic Law, it is believed that they are inter planetary rogues on the same level as petty criminals and louts.

Left: A vicious but glamorous Blueron.


The Horned Blueron

cæruleus cornu

Unlike the Lessor Horned Blueron, the Horned Blueron is a much more sophisticated race. Not interested in planetary conquest, violence and vandalism, the HB is much more into science learning and culture.

Very distant relatives of the LHB the DNA is different but it is obvious from the horns that they are not a closely related species. They do cohabit in the same galaxy on nearby stars.

Left: Seen here is Choadblo, a Horned Blueron friend enjoying some physical culture.

The HB are appalled at the behaviour of their "poor cousins" and spend quite some time righting the wrongs and setting things straight.