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Q. John, why do you think you were "chosen"?

A. Well, that's easy, I have a very high level of intellect, (joke) I'm good natured and I'm told by my alien friends that because of the abnormally high amount of alien DNA in my make up, some aliens feel more comfortable in their contacts with me.

Q. John, I've heard a rumour that you have some alien heritage, is that true?

A. I believe so. The Grogi have run some med tests on me that show that I'm part alien, possibly a hybrid of Pleiadean and Neerjap. The Grogi believe that they can trace my ancestory to ancient Maya and a suspected alien spacecraft that crashed there thousands of years ago.

Q. You alluded to having a relationship with aliens, you're not serious are you?

A. I'm very serious. I have had relations with several aliens.

Q. Which aliens are Earth's biggest threat?

A. I can't really say. Even with my wealth of knowledge, I'd only be guessing. I don't think we need to panic whilst the Grogun and Neerjap are around. In reality, I don't think we are under threat from anyone.

Q. I've heard about Area 57 from sources other than your site. Can you tell us anymore about it?

A. If you've heard about Area 57 elsewhere, then they read it here. Alien Agendas gets a lot of hits per day. I can't say a lot about Area 57. For starters, the Yanks would have the place more closely monitored. I already have a big enough problem keeping the bastards out. Also, they'd only deny its existence anyway. The main problem is that I don't know that much about it myself. Area 57 is using some alien technology to stop aliens and anyone else from having a real good peek. It was in part discovered because of the huge technology that is obvious to alien races... that's what brought their attention to it.

Q. How often have you been abducted?

A. Not all that often, only around twice. However, I don't include my trips with the Grogun, Hotentos, Neerjap in the count. All up, I've been off world about 67 times.

Q. Are most aliens sort of humanoid?

A. Yes, by and large most aliens are bipod etc., etc. There is a huge diversity amongst them of course. You have critters like the Zerians and Grayons to the Tregle. All live in an oxygen atmosphere.

Q. So you're a bit lucky getting it off with them then?

A. What can I say?! I'm an intergalactic super playboy.

Q. Would it be possible to come along for a ride one day?

A. In short, no. I am sensitive to the needs of aliens and by taking someone along or putting in a "good word" will mean I cannot guarantee the highest standards of conduct expected of visitors aboard their craft. I have a very close friend and have only once asked him to stand in my place. I felt quite uncomfortable about it.

Q. So what's the story behind all the Gray abductions?

A. There really aren't that many. Maybe a dozen per year, not thousands as reported by so called abductees and UFO "buffs". Most of these people don't have a clue as to what is really going on. You've got to remember, Grayons and all other alien races are subject to the same things we are on earth. Economics, politics and resources. A trip to earth doesn't come free and the Greys aren't harvesting us for food or genetic material at all. A lot of these people selling books and running UFO web sites ought to be closed down.

Q. Hang on, does that mean all these people that claim to be abducted or the 1000s that go missing each year are err wrong.

A. Well, what do you think? The reason the Grays return the few abductees relatively unharmed is that they know that one day, if the treaty between them and the Yanks goes belly up, AND when we get the technology they know they'll be held accountable.

Q. But what about reports that the Grays need a new planet!

A. Absolute bullshit. If they need a new planet then where are they going to get the resources to invade? Do you think anthropological races are just going to watch? Don't you think that the intergalactic community wouldn't put some pressure on the Grays to rebuild their own homeworld. I've been to their planet and they are doing really well. Economically prosperous etc., etc. They're just miscreants, although I have found myself warming to them lately.

Q. But abductees say they're coming in big numbers?

A. Once again, sheer bullshit. So many people claim to be abducted when they haven't been. It's wishful thinking or just a sales plot. That's why you won't find a book for sale here on my great site. Have you ever heard of a German called Schindler? He was a German that saved 1000s of Jews during WWII. Don't you think that the Grays have decent people amongst them?!?! Of course they do.

Q. Interesting, I don't think anyone has ever covered the economic and social cost of alien space travel.

A. I know. I can cover it because I've been there. Most other people just focus on the bullshit, the innuendo, the glamour. So little of it is actually fact based it makes me sick. That's why people seeking genuine information come here.

Q. So what was the deal that the Grogun and the Australian Government struck?

A. I really can't talk about it. The Grogi and the Aust Govt would be pissed off big time. I'm really not prepared to jeopardise my position as leading advocate between Earth and the Universe at large.

Q. Do you think its a smart idea engaging in sexual relations with these Hotentots if they thrive off it? Because if they are thriving off it, it must mean that your like being parisited off by them.

A. Nonsense. I believe it's a symbiotic relationship if anything. I thrive on sex too. By allowing myself to be "abused" probably means a pleasant reciprocal arrangement. Biologically, this is not a parasitic arrangement.

Q. By the way have you ever encountered any of the so called Draconians and Reptilians? If so when, how, and what was your impression of the race? Are they a threat to human kind?

A. I have not met these so call Draconians yet. I don't believe they exist as the Grogi and other races I have met, never mentioned them. That's not to say they don't exist... It's a huge universe out there.

Q. You raised the an American agreement with the Grays, what was that about?

A. Think about it. The currency of the universe is technology. Only on earth do mineral resources support the economy in such a way. Once we develop technology and start mining off world and in the asteroid belt, we will not be so reliant on gold, platinum blah, blah, blah. Look at the true value of a diamond... so artificially inflated for a worthless rock. Because the Grays etc., etc., etc., have so much technology the only thing the US could trade was her people. It did so in exchange for some technology. The rest you can fill in yourself.

Q. This notion that you don't carry a camera to build a trust relationship seems a bit lame.

A. I suppose if I really pushed it, I could provide a few nice crisp photos of my alien friends. It would make a wonderful change to the plethora of fakes found on other sites. You've got to remember, technology is the universal currency. Everywhere you go on an alien ship there's technology worth millions each step of the way. Technology is hard earned and so you'll find that all alien species accept this limitation out of respect for this way of life. It's a rule that's never discussed. I don't want to breach that trust or sound like some absolute fuckwit for hounding or harping on a portrait shot.

Q. Can you tell me a little more about the Ridge Heads please?

A. Sure, they're a pack of dour body snatching cretins. Talk around the galaxy is that they're the result of a medical experiment gone horribly wrong. Dead set, they could have also been called the Borons, they spend half their day talking about their bad backs... as though they're the only one that has one. That's about all I have to say about the HBRHs.

Q. Aren't you concerned that they might read this and come back for some retribution?

A. No.

Q. Would you ever consider porking one of them?

A. Hahahahah. Give me a break. Have you seen the portrait I painted? Their women and men look the same. Besides, I draw the line at necrophilia. Excuse me whilst I go and puke.

Q. So what do you think of some of the abduction accounts you've read?

A. Most of them read worse than badly scripted science fiction. The stuff people see in their dreams etc., amazes me. It all fits so pat with the going general theorem, its so predictable.. I recommend they just forget about it all and wait until the Australian Government is prepared to "bare all". All this second guessing .. it's a joke.

Q. Australian Government? Wouldn't the US government be in charge?

A. Don't kid yourself. Sure, the Americans have a reasonable role to play, after all, they have created the most hysteria about aliens. The Russians, Mexicans, you name it, all have a much more mature attitude. The Americans have had Roswell, South Africa, Italy, Germany and Australia have all had their turn and do you see them continually fanning it? No. Well, the alien community in large don't like it nor do they trust the US regime. Take a look at US foreign policy or even the remarks of one US general that they would conquer any aliens they could. The decision to let the balloon go up will fall on Australia.

Q. From Vulty**x USA.

I was reading through your site and I happen to come across your list of grayons and types of beings. Could you explain to me where they normally found and how their lifestyle is?

Also, I read something about an Area 57, what's that?

A. Thank you for recognising the vast extent of the beings that I have met. I'm not an astronomer but a mere contactee with minimal knowledge of alien celestial coordinates. Their lifestyles are varied but not that far different from our own. The huge difference is the social responsibility off world. Most aliens value their planets as well as education and health. Rather than spend their time sitting behind a tv, they learn, and that's why they're out running around the galaxy and we aren't.

I intend to update the Area 57 page shortly.

Q. From T****y Finland. You seem to be a recluse, is that related to your situation with aliens.

A. In part. I don't mind talking about aliens on my terms, but that never happens on forums or down at the pub. I prefer to keep a very small body of friends and that's it.

Madeleine asks "will the alien ever reveal them self to the majority of the people (for example on a concert)? that there will no longer be a doubt that they exist, and are here?"

A. I published this information on the AlienReality BB. Essentially the date for disclosure has been nominally set at November 17, 2019. Several options are open at this stage but the preferred, which will no doubt change as the government no doubt will, is to land on the lawns of Parliament House (Australia of course). The landing will coincide with another scheduled event that day. Of course, "disclosure" as it is incorrectly labeled may happen sooner due to unforeseen events.

Arnol asks: not that I\'m doubting u, but how can us the reader, even belive that u are telling the truth, how do we know this is not juss some hobby of yours? p.§ i do belive there are aliens out there, its juss i read so many diffrent articles its kinda hard too know who knows what there talkin about and who\'s juss full of shit

A. If you ask everyone the same question, you'll no doubt get a zillion answers as to their veracity. I'll juss invite you to wait until November 2019.

Q. From Bo**ica, UK. I am a repeated Abductee of Greys. I have had many reported experiences. My reporting is usualy responsible for inspireing others to come forward about abduction. In no way are my or others\' abduction experiences \"bullshit\".
How can you be sure that abductions are not commonplace. The United States Government lies. Her Majestie\'s Secret Service lies. Everyone lies. So haw can you be sure that your alien contacts are not lying to you?

A. An excellent question B. Of course, you correctly accuse governments of lying and you would need to accept that the same standard could and would be applied to you.

In my experience, the more developed a race becomes the more adept they are at splitting ethical hairs. However, the more developed a people are, the more such values as honesty and integrity come to the fore. We humans on earth live a tremendous lie but as we mature and become more responsible, our integrity as a race will also improve. I spoke at length with the Tregle about this issue. They are inherently human, as are the Hotentots and Neerjap. They fully admit they are capable of lying but prefer not to. My opinion is that integrity is so entrenched in these species that deceit actually causes them pain.

Now we can move on to the Grayons that have allegedly abducted you. Since you didn't specify a race it's not quite as easy to answer your question. I have found that some species of Grayon have high morals, where other species are questionable. Every species in the universe is subject to law in some way or another. Moreover, Grayons in general are fanatical about adopting a set of circumstances and combining that with a theoretical viewpoint to justify their approach to dealing with said situation. To talk about it here would require a book and I'm not ready to publish at this time.

I would say that if you are telling the truth, then you may be subject to rogue elements within an undocumented species of Grayon at this time. Of course I cannot preclude the idea that you think you are telling the truth but may not be subject to the alleged abductions.

Q. Yes I have encountered a true extraterrestrial being. A space alien if you will. I have also had the pleasure of becoming a part of a business transaction with \'Phorudraum Lajdaremri\' who is of the true Vulcan race on a planet within the Virgo Cluster Group which is approximately 50 million light years from planet earth. I plan to travel to the Virgo Group of planets and visit the planet Xardon which is my newly acquired property near where Phorudraum Lajdaremri calls home. I desire to travel there as soon as time-travel becomes available to Terra beings but for now I will be satisfied to stay put here for now.

A. Excellent decision.

Q. Hi John,

My names Harriet Hump****s and I work for a UK based PR company. We are desperate to speak to somebody who has had a relationship with an alien and I see from your Q&A page that you may be able to help :). If you have the time to get back to me on this that would be great!

A. Hi Harriet, you've come to the right place then. Send me more details and I might be able to help.

Q. My name is Terrence H***.

Hi Not sure why or what actually happened,but this past friday night,23-07-10,I went to my bedroom at 8pm put on my Xbox,the next thing I know there is a bright orange light making a popping sound in my bedroom,I was not csared though as everything seemed a bit unreal and slow,after about 5 mins I \"sanpped\"back to normal and had an uneasy feeling ,so I checked my watch and it was now 1am in the morning??

I dont know what that was or if it even relates to anything on your site,I am just very interrsted in trying to find out if this has happenend to other people or am I just losing my mind?

Any feedback would be greatly appriciated.

Kind regards,


A. Whilst I'm not a qualified doctor, I would recommend that you see one based on what you've told me. This doesn't sound as though you ought to be alarmed.

Q. From AustralianPhenomena

Could you tell us how to identify Which UFO belongs to which race? ( as the lights on their space crafts ). because everytime we call upon the alien Greys we get blue lights or blue flashes.

Check out our UFO videos on our youtube page at -

A. Yes Dylan, I'm afraid there's nothing conclusive about this. If that is a spacecraft it may be an unauthorised visitor of unknown origin.

Q. From "Kevin". I use the name kevin but its not my real name...I feel you may be in error about the \'greys\', first off I am very psychic and can remote view, lucid dream, etc, and often I will visit places around the country or the world to see what is going on...Last night I visited a complex where there were grays mentally controlling some humans to do some sort of work in the large warehouse, I do not know if the control was voluntary or not but they did detect my presence and started to search for me...they even put the humans through some exercise movements to test and see if I was among them, which I was and I just followed suit and did what the other humans did...I gained knowledge of a couple of devices the greys were using in the mist of the humans, these machines of some sort were mentally controlled and when I activated one of them and tested it with my mind is when I was detected...I stayed for a short while afterward then left the area and returned home...this is not the first time I looked in somewhere and found that there were grey aliens at the same place...

A. I find that face to face discussions are more reliable than unquantifiable psychic contacts. Having had dozens of contact with various grayons, greys or grays and their hybrids and sub species etc., etc., I do feel that my knowledge of them is superior to all.

However, I do admit. I haven't met all the grayons there are to be met. Some uncertainty still exists.

Q. Nick asks: why can\'t you take any pictures when on your journeys or during contact?

A. I have explained this elsewhere on this site. It's more out of respect than anything else.

Q. From Rachael in Queensland Australia: when i was 16 (around 10th may 2004) I ran away from home for the night and stayed at a park (google maps coord: -27.562403, 152.899102) in Brisbane, Australia. I sat up the top of this lookout platform thing. Around 2am that night I was looking towards north-west and I noticed there was something running towards me a little to fast to be human. It looked like a toddler with a giant head. It had dark skin colour. When it saw me notice it, it side walked behind a bush. I didnt see anymore of it from then on and I sat there looking at that bush for about a hour. That night I was wishing I could be taken away in a ufo or something so I wouldn\'t have to deal with real life problems - which is why I thought it might be a alien or something, maybe they heard me? Also the temprature that night was around 15 degrees celcius, and I\'ve had a lot of nightmares since.

A. It's interesting. I had one of my first contacts nearby.

Although my contact was with a much taller White Grayon couple. Think of the contact as a fortunate event worth cherishing, not something to spark nightmares.

Q. From Brent P. Do you believe that some of these aliens actually came to Earth. Also, I would really like to meet one. Any suggestions?

A. I don't need to believe because I have regular contact Brent. I don't know how one goes about meeting them because I was chosen to be a contact. I believe that camping (not even far from a city may get results.

Q. Oh, sorry about that. i meant to ask do you believe if any of these aliens have had outright contact (used to talk, or live beside) humans in the past, and have done the same today? And why don't they tell the public that they are here? Is it because humans are a violent species?

A. The agenda of aliens has been to learn not to assimilate. They don't live amongst us in a general sense because the have no need to. The time for disclosure to the public is coming.

Q. from anonymous. how do I become a contact for aliens? Are the aliens ok with people of all races?

A. See above one question. Yes aliens are okay with all races. Racism is largely a scurge of the lower intellectually advanced races. As they say to me from time to time, "with education will come salvation". What they mean is that once we understand each other and become more intellectual, rather than confrontational, we'll all get on better.

Q. Hello my name is Connor I have been pasted to your website site,Alien Agenda's because of the info and unlike some other people i do believe what you say but one of my questions is how did you get so "tight" or friendly with the aliens as in how did you gain there trust or get known enough with them or if i meet one what should i say also do alot speak english? Also do they communicate to people who are over a certain age?

A. Hey Connor, if you don't believe what I say, why are you bothering to ask a question? I got in tight with aliens because of my very high IQ. They recognised that I wasn't going to ask a continual barrage of dumb ass questions. They also recognised by ability to respect them, something very few people can manage to do. This respect includes not taking sneaky photos etc. Generally they won't contact people under 25. IQ is more important than age.

Unfortunately, I no longer have time to answer questions directly.

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